What Are the Best Tires for Honda Pilots?

For smooth, quiet and safe driving in a Honda Pilot, the best tires include Michelin Cross Terrain, Firestone Destination and General Grabber. The best tires for the Honda Pilot feature a wide base and rugged exterior, supporting the weight of the SUV and ensuring grip while reducing excess noise and weight. Most Honda Pilots come with factory-standard Bridgestone tires upon leaving the assembly line; these tires receive high ratings from Pilot drivers, but other tires perform well too.

Michelin Cross Terrain tires receive high ratings for endurance and performance. Drivers use them as all-season tires for high mileage driving. Firestone Destination LT tires produce more noise and vibration than the Michelin tires, but offer safety and stability. Lastly, General Grabber HTS tires cost the least; they prove good values for long-lasting tires too.