What Are Some Tips for Understanding the Taurus Man?

The tips to understanding the Taurus man include evaluating the Taurus sign and its representation by the bull. Planet Venus, the planet of love, rules Taurus, and the Taurus man is caring and loves deeply. The attachment of Taurus to the element earth gives attributes such as conservativeness and dependability to the Taurus man.

The bull symbolizes stubbornness, strength and a strong will. Taurean men are often very successful in business because they don't give up. A Taurus man resists change unless he thinks it's reasonable. He is strong and perseveres to achieve his goal.

The association of Taurus to the element earth symbolizes that the Taurus man is practical, loyal and grounded. He seeks for security whether in financial or emotional things, and he values success. He loves luxury. The element of earth confers a sense of reliability, duty and responsibility to him.

When in love, the Taurus man is sensitive, gentle and faithful. He does not stop loving, and he keeps his promises. He values the stability of a relationship and will persevere while trying to maintain the relationship. Like the bull, he chooses his territory and sticks to it. He likes a loyal and supportive woman who becomes his best friend.

On the flip side, the Taurus man is silent about his challenges but prefers to talk about his interests and ambitions. He values success and thus work may come before friends. Also, he may not listen to the opinion of others, and he likes friends who are as motivated as him.