What Are Some Tips for Praying at Night?


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Some tips for praying at night are to pick a place free from distractions, pray at the same time every night and pray out loud. Other tips are to keep a notebook and pen nearby, keep a list of prayer needs, and keep a prayer journal.

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Choosing a place to pray free from distraction is essential to maintaining focus during prayer time. Turn any phones off or put them on silent. If kids are around, communicate that prayer time is to be undisturbed unless there's an emergency. Praying at the same time every night helps establish a habit. One idea is to write it into a schedule and treat it as an important appointment.

Praying out loud helps improve concentration since the brain is forced to form intelligent sentences. Also, when praying at night, silent prayers can make a person fall asleep before the prayer is completed. Keeping a notebook nearby is useful for writing down inspiring ideas that come while praying.

One way to set up a list of prayer needs is to categorize them by subject such as church or family. A prayer list can also be made for every day of the week, where each day represents a different kind of prayer.

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