What Are Some Tips for Performing a White Sage Cleansing Ritual?

What Are Some Tips for Performing a White Sage Cleansing Ritual?

To perform a white sage cleansing ritual, light a bundle of sage, and distribute the smoke around the home or object in need of cleansing. At the end of the ritual, extinguish the sage, and dispose of it through burial.

A white sage cleansing ritual is a Native American tradition performed to rid a person, place or object of negative energy, such as negative spirits, thoughts or emotions. The ritual is commonly performed in new living spaces or after emotional upheaval. Those suffering from depression, anger, jealousy or resentment may smudge themselves.

To begin, buy or make a bundle of herbs called a smudge stick. Smudge sticks most commonly contain sage, but may also contain lavender, sweet grass or cedar. Light the smudge stick, preferably with the flame of a candle. When the smudge stick catches fire, gently blow it out, allowing it to continue smoking without a flame.

Walk around whatever is being cleansed while saying a prayer or declaring out that the space is being cleansed of negativity. Allow the cleansing smoke to fill the air imaging that the smoke is displacing any negativity.

End the ritual by extinguishing the smudge stick completely in a cup of water and burying it.