What Are Some Tips to Pass a DMV Road Test?

Blend Images – KidStock/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Tips to pass the DMV road test include keeping an eye out for and obeying all road signs, knowing and obeying the speed limit even if there is no sign posted, and remaining three to four car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you. Always use turn signals.

When coming to a stop, apply the brakes as smoothly as possible. Do not slam on the brakes unless you have to. When there are lines or crosswalks present at intersections, be sure to stop behind them. Any of these infractions can cause points to be deducted from your overall test score.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel in the proper position, and steer smoothly. Examiners may deduct points when a driver’s hands are not positioned in the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions, or just above the middle of the steering wheel on both sides. Ensure that your turns are slow and even.

Stay in the right lane unless you are passing another vehicle or need to turn left. When turning left, signal and get over a bit in advance to avoid a possible collision with someone in the left lane intending to pass you. Be observant of other drivers, pedestrians, traffic signs and obstructions in the road.