What Are Some Tips for Memorizing the Books of the Bible?

Tips for memorizing the books of the Bible include beginning with the New Testament, creating a song to help with memorization, creating a list and crossing off books as they are read and repeatedly reading a list of the books. Memorizing the books of the Bible with a partner may be easier than doing it alone.

For those attempting to memorize the books of the Bible, it may be easier to begin by memorizing the New Testament because there are only 27 books within. For books that share the same name but a different number, it may be easier to memorize them collectively, such as memorizing "First and Second Peter" or "First, Second and Third John." This makes the list seem smaller and easier to memorize.

Another way some individuals memorize the books of the Bible is to create a song. The song may be based on existing music or completely unique so long as it is memorable for the singer.

Yet another tip for memorizing the books is to write all of them on a surface such as a chalk board. Next, the individual crosses names from the list every time he says one of them out loud. If he ends up missing a book when reciting, he must write the entire list again and start from the beginning.