What Are Tips for Finding Spanish-Speaking Christian Churches?


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Some tips for finding a Spanish church include checking an online church directory, looking up local religious events for Spanish masses and seeing if a local Christian denomination has a Spanish ministry in place. If nothing local is available, the Catholic Church airs Spanish-language masses weekly online at CatholicTV.

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Many Christian denominations contain churches that conduct mass in Spanish or have Spanish ministries. Some churches in the United States offer masses in either English or in Spanish, while others are focused entirely on Spanish-speaking congregants and clergy.

The Episcopal Church is one denomination that has a dedicated Spanish ministry for outreach to Latinos. As of 2015, more information on the Hispanic ministry can be found by contacting Rev. Anthony Guillén. This is one way to find local Spanish churches.

Another way to find Spanish religious services is by checking an online church event website, such as Catholic Event Finder. This website lists local masses and the languages in which they are conducted. A similar method involves checking an online church directory, like the one at Catholic Directory. Some churches have names that are entirely in Spanish, which is a good indicator that they are focused on administering to Spanish-speaking congregants.

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