What Are Some Tips for Developing Self-Confidence?


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The first step in building self confidence is to identify conditions or situations that affect your self esteem and to analyze your thoughts and beliefs about them, as being rational or irrational, advises Mayo Clinic. Next, challenge your perspective on these situation: Recognize inaccurate negative thoughts, and differentiate feelings based on the facts of the circumstance. Then, replace these with accurate, rational, constructive thoughts. For example, give yourself credit for your positive traits and interactions with others.

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When you are feeling particularly low on confidence, do something you are good at and that you enjoy, such as learn a skill, practice a hobby, make art, play a sport or perform a physical activity. Try to make this a regular activity. Being focused and competent in areas of your life boosts your self confidence.

It is important to acquire insight into what causes low self-confidence and to understand yourself as a whole. Knowing yourself helps you to set realistic expectations. A realistic perspective enables you to view personal mistakes objectively and reasonably, instead of letting them affect your self-image.

Surround yourself with more people who support, accept and appreciate you into your life. Limit your relationships with those who criticise you and encourage your negative beliefs. By being caring and supportive to others, you encourage similar feedback.

Work directly on your belief of what represents self-worth and value, notes Personal Excellence. Identify what you think makes a worthy person and why. Recognize socially-conditioned ideas, and attempt to separate them from your genuine principles.

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