What Are Some Tips for Creating a Positive Attitude?


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Some tips for creating a positive attitude include starting each day in a positive way, getting regular exercise, expressing gratitude, re-framing imperfect events, and avoiding negative people and situations. Changing your language choices and self-talk can also boost your tendency toward a positive outlook. Another excellent tip for creating a positive attitude includes stocking up on positive thoughts and experiences.

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Whether loud or silent, mental or physical, devotional or irreverent, a morning ritual helps many people start each day with a positive attitude. From savoring morning coffee to playing energetic music, this ritual can turn the first few minutes of each day into a springboard for positive feelings the whole day through. Physical exercise and gratitude activities are both known to improve mood, and individuals can practice them daily on their own or as part of the morning ritual.

Avoiding negativity is also a key factor in becoming and remaining positive. Staying away from negative people whenever possible is a good start. Negative language can evoke negative thoughts, so focusing on positive language and avoiding complaining is another path to an uplifted daily attitude.

When it is not possible to avoid negative thoughts or situations, re-framing the experience is a great coping mechanism. Instead of dwelling on an unpleasant or unfortunate turn of events, identifying any positive aspects of the situation can keep mental energy on the positive side. Spending time reading, viewing, and listening to inspirational material also helps protect a good mood and attitude when challenges arise. Instead of giving in to negative thoughts, individuals can refer to their memory bank of positive things to keep their good attitude in good shape.

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