What Are Some Tips for Beginners Learning Astral Projection?


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Some tips for beginners learning astral projection are to be patient and relaxed, learn through repeated practice and attempt to project in the morning. Astralvoyage.com recommends listening to the Gateway series tapes by the Monroe Institute, reading extensively on the topic and keeping a dream journal.

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To achieve astral projection, one must be more than curious about the topic. It requires concerted effort and sometimes, experimentation with different methods. "Astral Travel For Beginners" by Richard Webster explains 15 different methods of astral travel.

Webster also suggests wearing loose-fitting clothing and practicing in a warm room. He cites a strong desire toward astral travel, the persistence to do so and allowing it to actually happen as tips to success. Some beginning practitioners fear it and panic when they experience the sinking sensation that marks the start of astral travel, which prevents travel from occurring.

Astral projection is rooted in a global religious philosophy of the afterlife or the idea that the spiritual body can be separated and then reunited with the physical body. During this separation, the traveller can experience other dimensions, times or physical locations on Earth. There are accounts worldwide of claims of astral projection, although no scientifically verifiable reports prove it.

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