When Is the Best Time of Day to Take Zoloft?

According to the Mayo Clinic, it is best to take Zoloft in the morning to reduce the chances of insomnia while taking this medication. However, it is most important to take Zoloft at the same time every day.

According to Drugs.com, a missed dose of Zoloft should be taken as soon as possible unless this becomes quite close to the time of the next dose; in practical terms, this means before bedtime that day. Taking a double dose the following day is not advisable. This medication should be used under the supervision of a medical professional as side effects, such as nausea, weight gain, fatigue, loss of interest in sex, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation and anxiety, can be problematic and the treatment should be monitored for effectiveness. Zoloft should not be discontinued suddenly, as this may be associated with unpleasant withdrawal effects.