What Is Tiger Woods’ Golf Handicap?

Based on his scoring average, Tiger Woods’ handicap is around +1.9. Since the PGA does not calculate specific player handicaps, this is an estimate using his average score and top range slope and course ratings. This means his handicap could be slightly higher or even lower.

At 15, Tiger Woods’ scratch handicap was 0. At 3 years of age, he shot 48 for 9 holes. By the time Tiger was 5 years old, he had been featured in Golf Digest.

The PGA does not compute the handicap of professional players because the handicap system is meant to enable golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete on an equal basis. Professional golfers compete against one another and are considered equal based on their consistently high level of play.

It is estimated that golfers must reach a handicap of +4 in order to play professionally.