How Do You Tie a Trinity Knot?

How Do You Tie a Trinity Knot?

To tie a trinity knot, remember to keep it flat while tying, loop it loosely and tighten it at the end. This knot is a way of securing the tie so that it resembles a Celtic Triquetra.

  1. Choose your tie

    Select a tie that can touch your belt buckle and still have plenty of length to work with. Due to the complex method of tying, use a single-color tie or one with a small, seamless pattern.

  2. Drape your tie

    Put the wide end of the tie on your left, and the small end on your right. You do not move the wide end for this tie.

  3. Cross the tie over and pull it under

    Begin by crossing the small end over the wide end to the left. Then pull the small end through the neck loop beneath your chin.

  4. Wrap down and around

    Pull the small end down and slightly left over the neck loop, then around under the large end to the right so that it sticks out on the right side.

  5. Flip up the end up and pull it through

    Pull the small end up over the front of the neck loop, and then pull it down through the neck loop and angle toward the left. The front of your tie should make an angular heart at this point. Everything you do from this point until the end should be tied loosely.

  6. Wrap it around and under

    Wrap the small end around in front of the wide end to the right, and then pull it under the neck loop.

  7. Pull it forward and through

    Pull the small end to the front of the neck loop and slide it down through the loop you just wrapped around the front of the wide end. Make sure the small end is to the left.

  8. Wrap it behind

    Wrap the small end behind the wide end on the left side, going toward the right.

  9. Thread over and under

    Turn the small end upward and pull it over the rest of the knot, but under the loop you just made. The small end should be coming up toward the left to go under the prior loop.

  10. Tighten and tuck

    Pull your trinity knot tight and tuck the small end behind the neck loop to the left.