How Do You Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue?


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Choose a long cherry stem, and place it in your mouth. Use your tongue to fold the stem in two, making one end longer than the other. Grip the two stems with your teeth, and use your tongue to cross them as you push the longer stem through the loop. Grip the short stem with your teeth, and pull on the long stem so that the knot ties as you pull the stem from your mouth.

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  1. Select and prepare cherry stem

    Start by selecting the longest cherry stem you can find. Place the cherry stem in your mouth, and move it around with your tongue until it gets wet and softens.

  2. Tie the cherry stem

    Use your tongue to fold the stem in two making sure that one side of the stem is longer than the other. With the folded end facing the back of your mouth, hold the folded end with your teeth and use your tongue to cross the ends. Use your tongue to push the longer end of the stem through the loop.

  3. Tighten the knot

    Tighten the knot by gripping one end of the stem with your teeth and pulling the other end with your fingers as you remove the stem from your mouth.

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