How Do You Tie an Eldredge Knot?


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Tying an Eldridge knot involves making multiple knots using the small end of the tie to create the look of one large knot. Tying this knot takes less than a half hour to do. You need a long tie in a solid color or with a muted pattern.

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  1. Make the first knot

    Wrap the tie around your neck under your collar. Make sure the tie is longer on the wide end than on the small end. Cross the small end on top of the wide end so its tip is facing your right. Wrap it under the tie. Pull it so its tip is pointing up to your face and tuck it through the loop around your neck.

  2. Make the second knot

    Cross the narrow end of the tie over the wide end towards your left. Pull it up underneath the loop around your neck. Pull it through so its tip faces your right, then slip it underneath the wide end. Its underside should be facing towards your chin.

  3. Make the third knot

    Take the narrow end and cross it back over the wide end towards your right, but pull it through the loop that you just made. Pull to your right to tighten this knot.

  4. Make the fourth knot

    Pull the small narrow end down through the loop around your neck on the right side. Cross it back over itself by pulling it down through the neck loop again, this time towards the left side. Pull the small end through the loop you just made towards your right.

  5. Finish the Eldridge knot

    Tighten the knot you just completed. Tuck the small tail end behind the loop around your neck.

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