How Do You Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci?


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To think like Leonardo da Vinci, cultivate and maintain an intense curiosity, seek out various viewpoints and also partake in physical pursuits. Another way to think like da Vinci is to be on a continuous quest of self-improvement.

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Balance is a key component in thinking like da Vinci, whether the balance is between logic and imagination or mind and body. Balance ensures that different brain areas are continually being used.

One component of curiosity is to always question and wonder about things. For example, why is this breakfast cereal so successful? Why is this person like this? What makes this app so bad? What would it take for these two warring factions to reach an agreement? To think like da Vinci, people should never take anything at face value.

Welcoming uncertainty and embracing mistakes is also one way to think like da Vinci. It forces people to think in new and different ways, to stretch their ranges. It often leads to innovation. For example, if people are too afraid of making mistakes or appearing foolish, they are less likely to try something new. Along these lines, seeking out people or situations that may make a person uncomfortable is one way to practice curiosity and flex the brain.

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