What Are Some Things That Start With the Letter “i”?

Some nouns that begin with the letter “i” are ivory, island, iron, ice and idea. Other nouns that begin with “i” are idiot, idol, illustration, imagination and ink.

Animals that begin with “i” include the ibex, ibis, iguana, impala and inchworm. An ibex is a wild goat with large curved horns. The long-legged ibis is a wading bird with a down-curving bill. An iguana is a large tropical lizard. An impala is an African antelope with ridged curved horns and excellent jumping ability, and an inchworm is a small hairless caterpillar.

Foods that begin with “i” include ice cream, ilama and Indian mustard. An ilama is a whitish tropical fruit with a pink tinge. Indian mustard is a plant whose leaves are eaten as cooked greens. Plants that begin in “i” include irises, ivies and idesias. An idesia is a deciduous Asiatic tree known for its heart-shaped leaves, yellow-green flowers and orange-red berries.

Other objects that begin with “i” are iceboats, immunosuppressants, inlets, interferometers and iodine. An iceboat is a ship with a reinforced bow that can break up ice. By purposefully lowering the body’s normal immune response, immunosuppressants allow such medical advances as organ transplants. An inlet is an arm off a larger body of water. Engineers and scientists use interferometers to measure waves using interference patterns.