What Are the Things Are for Which Most People Are Thankful?

The things for which most people are thankful are friends, family and health. Life and music also rate on the list of things for which most people are thankful.

An analysis conducted in November 2014 by the Facebook data science team revealed that the three things most Facebook users listed as being thankful for during that Thanksgiving season were friends, family and health. These results came as no surprise to the Facebook analysts, who noted that friends are always one of the most-important things people are thankful for. They also noticed a trend in people becoming more thankful for health as they got older, a finding that makes sense considering how critical good health is later in life.

Life is another thing for which most people say they are thankful. Many realize that they are able to have important experiences, emotions and relationships just by virtue of living, and that life is something every person who is alive can be grateful for. The other things that most people are thankful for--friends, family and health--would be nonexistent without life itself, another reason many find to be thankful for life.

Many people also list music as one of the things for which they are most-thankful. People of all ages have reported being thankful for music more than anything else, showing the universal appeal and importance of music in many people's lives.