What Are Some Things That Jehovah's Witnesses Believe About Marriage?

Jehovah's Witnesses hold beliefs about marriage that include rules that forbid sexual misconduct within and without the confines of marriage. They require that the marriage ceremony be held within the church only. Jehovah's Witnesses view dating as a tool that is only to be used by those who are seeking marriage. They discourage casual dating and having sex before marriage.

Additionally, marriage to a person who is a non-believer of the Jehovah's Witnesses' way of life is not recommended or approved of by church elders. They also disapprove of homosexuality.

Jehovah's Witnesses cannot attend other Christian, non-Christian or non-denominational churches. They are forbidden from marrying people from another church. Adultery is the only reason a Jehovah's Witness can get remarried; they cannot remarry unless their ex-husband or ex-wife commits adultery first.

Jehovah's Witnesses denounce masturbation, anal sex and oral sex because they view it as immoral. People who engage in these immoral behaviors before or during marriage can be removed from the church.

Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine is to honor God and to imitate Jesus Christ. They are united and motivated by these goals. Their core principles and beliefs are based on commandments found in the Bible, according to the Jehovah's Witnesses' website.