What Are Some Things Considered to Be Unexplained Phenomenon?


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Some instances of unexplained phenomena include Sailing Stones of Death Valley, spontaneous human combustion, Seneca Guns and the Nasca lines. Investigating these phenomena over several decades to several centuries, researchers continue to document the existence, but not the origins.

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No one has ever seen the rocks in Death Valley move, but stones that weigh from 25 to 100 pounds leave trails up to several thousands of feet long. St. Petersburg, Florida, officials were unable to explain how a 1951 blaze was hot enough to consume all but the skull, one vertebra and the left foot of Mary H. Reeser, while leaving her surroundings virtually unscathed.

People living along the coast of North Carolina occasionally hear loud booms that can rattle windows. Residents call them Seneca Guns, so-named by people living near Seneca Lake in New York. Since commercial flights between the Peruvian cities of Lima and Arequipa began in the 1920s, archaeologists and anthropologists have been fascinated and baffled by the mysterious Nasca lines.

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