What Are Some Things You Can Learn in Etiquette Classes?


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Etiquette classes tend to focus on two situations where manners are key: social settings and corporate functions. Social etiquette pertains to first impressions, clothing attire, communication and table manners. Corporate etiquette relates to dining, global awareness, first impressions, making an entrance and socializing at networking events.

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Social etiquette is intended to help people build confidence in their social graces, whereas corporate etiquette focuses on ways to make a positive impression on the international business world. During a social etiquette class, participants may learn the three pillars of first impressions: appearance, actions and attitude. They may learn what colors are most appealing on them, what accessories provide the best impression and the importance of careful grooming.

For social conversation etiquette, students may learn how to remember names, body language tips, the intricacies of small talk, and how to gracefully enter and exit conversations. Topics about dinner table and cocktail party etiquette may include toasting and tipping, silverware usage, wine tasting, and host and guest of honor duties.

Corporate topics include how to distinguish oneself from the competition, business card protocol, handshaking and navigating electronic communication. Dining etiquette pertains to conversation at the table, eating various foods and receiving lines. Possible learning topics about global success might include an understanding of rank and status, how to project global awareness, and business customs, while other topics may include inappropriate conversation subjects, the importance of RSVPs, and handling beverages while shaking hands.

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