What Are Some Things That Bible Study Fellowship Discusses in Its Lessons?


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Bible Study Fellowship lessons discuss a student's insights about a Bible study lesson question with members of his discussion group. BSF is an interdenominational organization that helps people in 39 countries worldwide understand the Bible, know God and become better Christians through over 1,000 online Bible study classes. It welcomes everyone regardless of age, race or culture.

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What Are Some Things That Bible Study Fellowship Discusses in Its Lessons?
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BSF practices a four-step methodology in teaching the Bible to encourage positive change in the student's life. First, the student receives a daily lesson question based on a biblical passage and attempts to answer it on his own. The student then discusses his answer with members of his discussion group, further gaining insight. Next, the student listens to an online lecture explaining the passage, its key principles and how it is relevant to today's world. Finally, the student reads additional lesson notes that further explain the passage.

The BSF claims that through its Bible studies, students strengthen their relationship with God, and through studying God's word with others, they build stronger bonds with their family members, school or work colleagues and their communities. Hundreds of thousands have participated in BSF's Bible classes since its inception more than 50 years ago, with many becoming church leaders and successful lay persons practicing their own vocations. Anyone interested can register online at the BSF website, as of 2015.

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