What are the themes of old Hindi songs?


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Themes of old Hindi songs include praise and devotion to the Indian God for protection and prosperity as well as prayers for nature and the elements, morality and love. In most cases, old Hindi songs are very closely related to a theme concerning religion or religious life in India.

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What are the themes of old Hindi songs?
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Music in India has a long-standing tradition, and the themes found within early Hindi songs mimic the lives of those people that handed those songs down orally through time. Many songs that were handed down orally became part of the Hindu religious canon because of their thick religious themes. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Vedic music, and many other religious texts that are part of the Hindu canon, and they all contain songs with religious themes. Saraswati, the goddess of music, has devotional songs that were written with her as the theme.

Many old Hindi songs are passed down from guru to student, and these songs often have themes of morality. They are handed down as teachings because of their specific themes. Old Hindi folk music has themes that are representative of Indian society. Hindi folk music can include themes of specific life events, including marriages, births and deaths. It can also include themes of agriculture, events that are occurring and instructional themes that help young children learn their role in society.

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