What Are Some Themes for an Office Potluck?

Melissa Ross/Moment Open/Getty Images

An office potluck can be derived from different cultures, seasons or a challenge ingredient. A themed potluck reduces the likelihood of duplicate dishes, increases interest and makes the work day more fun.

Planning an office potluck begins with the planner knowing his co-workers and their ability in the kitchen. Once he has decided on a plan to ensure that dishes are present for every course, a theme can be selected. The seasons of the year provide for a broad range of dishes. A salad potluck is great for summer months, and can range from fruit salads to green salads to antipasto. The flavors of fall include the apple harvest and pumpkin treats.

An office staff that is less skilled in the kitchen would be well-suited to an appetizers and desserts potluck. This theme gives kitchen novices an opportunity to create something simple, while giving the less daring a chance to pick something up at the local market. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a challenge ingredient gives skilled home cooks the opportunity to be creative and cook up something new.

Diversity can be brought into the office by celebrating different food cultures and heritages. Office staff can reach into their own background, and bring a dish that represents their family ancestry.