What Are Some Facts About Terry MacAlmon’s Divorce?

Terry MacAlmon divorced his ex-wife Greta in 2009 as a result of Terry’s extramarital affair. Greta initially found out about the affair in December 2007, and after several months of ineffective marriage counseling, the couple separated in May 2008. They continued to participate in counseling for an additional six months, but Terry eventually came to the conclusion that there was too much to overcome between them and requested the divorce. It was finalized in April of the following year.

Prior to his infidelity, MacAlmon had been a popular religious leader and Christian musician. Upon separating from Greta, however, he announced in a letter to his fans and fellow church members in May 2008 that he was stepping down from his ministry.

In his letter, MacAlmon left the door open for a return to ministry but did not give a time frame for that return. He eventually returned to his music ministry in late 2010 when he established New Glory International in Dallas, Texas. As the president and founder of the ministry, MacAlmon leads worship at conferences, retreats, worship seminars and church services.

Terry remarried in December 2010 to a woman named Liz, who is also a singer and provided back-up vocals for songs on Terry’s 2015 record, “The Refreshing, Volume 1.” She is also featured on the album singing “Wonderful Peace.”