What Are the Terms of Agreement When Renting a Wheelchair From CVS?

Vernon Wiley/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

There are no terms of agreement for wheelchair rental through CVS. Health, wellness, and pharmacy retailers such as CVS and Walgreens no longer offer wheelchair rentals. As of July 2015, these retailers only sell wheelchairs to consumers.

While pharmacy retailers cannot offer wheelchair rentals, visit sites such as scootaround.com or mediequip.net to learn how to rent a wheelchair.

Terms for renting from MediEquip require a renter to provide a copy of a state ID or driver’s license. The renting period begins once the implement has been picked up or delivered. MediEquip provides instruction on how to use rental items and expects the items to be returned in proper working condition.

Scootaround provides detailed terms if a user calls the company directly. This site also provides rental service for wheelchairs, and the chairs have delivery available to most states in the United States.

Another site with similar prices and terms to these two is mrwheelchair.com. This retailer only delivers wheelchairs to hotels.

Many churches also unofficially offer wheelchair rentals to churchgoers or friends of churchgoers. Call a local nearby church to ask if it will rent or loan a wheelchair out for a period of time. The terms of a rent or loan agreement depend on the church.