What Does the Term "sharing Time" Refer to in the Context of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints uses the term "Sharing Time" to describe the group portion of the Sunday young children's meeting. Sharing Time is only part of the children's meeting and is supplemented with classes to teach more detailed information.

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The entire young children's program is referred to as the Primary program, and it is designed for children beginning at 18 months of age and lasts until they are 11 years old. All of the children in the Primary program join together for Sharing Time in smaller churches, and in bigger churches they may be divided into two groups. They then separate into classes divided by age for their lessons.

Sharing Time involves a variety of elements designed to be fun and engaging. Music and prayer are a large part of it. It also features instruction about Mormon religious beliefs. Teachers are given the Sharing Time Outline, which helps them develop lessons along a theme. The outline includes yearly, monthly and weekly themes to help them teach. These are often accompanied by art and other materials to help children understand the lessons.

Sharing Time also features skits, speeches and recitals performed by the children themselves. Prayers are also led by children at times. The goal of this process is to help prepare them for future missionary and lay ministry work.

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