What Are Some the Tenets of Faith of the Tony Evans Ministry in Dallas?


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Dr. Tony Evans is an established evangelical leader who affirms the orthodox tenets of Christianity. His ministry accepts the original manuscripts of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Dr. Evans' ministry also affirms that God is three persons in one, that Jesus was the all-sufficient sacrifice who was fully man and fully God, that Satan is the adversary of God and man, and that the Holy Spirit lives in every believer who professes faith in Christ.

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Evans' ministry holds that the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Bible are the "verbal, inspired words of God, authoritative and without error." The ministry accepts that God is one and three, that the Godhead consists of three distinct persons who have eternally existed as one. His ministry's doctrine of Satan is that Satan is the leader of the demons and the declared adversary of God and man, yet his power was limited by Christ's death on the Cross and someday he will be defeated. His ministry's capstone affirmation is that salvation is afforded to men by the work of Christ who, as man and God, suffered and died under the wrath of God for all sin and then rose again to defeat sin and death.

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