What Are Some Ten Plagues Bible Activities for Children?


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Some activities to help children learn of the Biblical Ten Plagues of Exodus include coloring pages and word searches. Other popular Sunday School activities for this lesson are concentration matching games and 20 questions.

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A great activity to help children remember the Ten Plagues of the Bible is to act out each plague. For instance, to show the pestilence have kids cover toy cows with band-aids and bandages. Boils can be demonstrated by allowing the children to put round red stickers on various places of their arms and faces.

For hail, Aish.com recommends letting the kids throw cotton balls or marshmallows, maybe even ping pong balls. Lice and locusts can be depicted with small plastic or rubber insects, perhaps scattered amidst a snack of popcorn or chips.

To show the plague of darkness, distribute sunglasses and turn off the lights. To teach the children about the death of the firstborn, have anyone who is the oldest in their family dramatically act out dying.

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