How Do You Get Telekinetic Powers?


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According to About.com, developing telekinetic powers involves a generous amount of consistent meditation and chanting to focus the mind. However, there is still no proof that these tasks help someone develop telekinetic powers that really work.

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Although many people throughout history have claimed to possess telekinetic powers, there has never been any scientific proof that such an ability exists. Scientists, however, have theorized on how telekinetic powers might be possible. One such theory is that telekinetic powers come from a magnetic field that surrounds the human body. If a person is able to focus enough of their brain power to a certain area, they are able to control this magnetic field to move objects.

According to Live Science, theories on how telekinesis works also sprung up from the myth that people only use 10 percent of their brains. However, researchers have found out that this is not true. Through positron emission tomography scans, researchers have found that people use the majority of their brains.

Researchers who have studied telekinesis have reported that all of their data falls short of proof. One of the biggest problems that researchers keep coming across is the fact that there is no mechanism in the human brain that is capable of bending or moving material objects. Even if the brain sends out “brain waves,” the laws of physics demonstrate that the brain waves do not extend more than a few millimeters from the skull.

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