What Are Some Telekinesis Exercises?


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One example of a telekinesis exercise is focusing, visually and mentally, on an image of a black dot, according to Learn-Telekinesis-Training.com. Another recommended exercise is putting a drop of oil in a bowl full of water and concentrating on the oil while attempting to move it with the mind, states Psychic101.com.

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It is imperative that users complete all four concentration exercises in order for the amount of time specified, according to Learn-Telekinesis-Training.com. The first exercise, involving the black dot, can be considered completed once the user can focus on the dot for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the user has completed the first exercise a number of times, he can move on to the second exercise, which involves focusing on an image of a flower in an attempt to merge concentration with the image. The user is recommended to focus his viewpoint on the flower for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Another exercise recommended by Psychic101.com involves placing a sewing needle in a piece of cardboard so that the needle is facing up directly. The user is then supposed to put a piece of paper, cut into a circle 10 centimeters in diameter, on top of the needle and attempt to turn the paper using only the mind.

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