How do you get telekinesis?


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There is no known way to acquire telekinetic ability. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects by mind power alone, and it has never been objectively demonstrated in a laboratory setting.

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Although a popular topic in fiction, there seems to be no scientific basis for telekinesis. Many scientists point out, for example, that moving objects by mental power would violate known and accepted laws of physics, including the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Conservation of Momentum. While many individuals throughout history have made claims of telekinetic ability that many people have found convincing, no demonstration has ever passed scientific scrutiny, and many purported telekinetics have been exposed as clever magicians or frauds. Most celebrated among these would be Uri Geller, who impressed television audiences with his spoon-bending performances. Those demonstrations, however, were exposed as well-rehearsed sleights-of-hand and were easily replicated by other magicians.

More recently, parapsychologists such as Evan Harris Walker have tried to offer a quantum physics defense of the possibility of telekinesis, but their efforts have been disparaged as "numerology," not science. The magician James Randi has offered a prize of $1 million to anyone able to demonstrate any evidence of paranormal activity in a controlled setting, a prize that has so far gone unclaimed, as of 2015.

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