What Is a Teenage Male Growth Spurt?

Michel Tcherevkoff/Stone/Getty Images

A teenage male growth spurt is a period during puberty in which a teenage boy’s bones and muscles grow at a steady, quick pace, according to KidsHealth. Growth spurts typically occur between ages 12 and 15 and are one of the many physical changes boys experience during puberty.

According to HowStuffWorks, a boy can grow as much as 12 inches during a growth spurt, and his weight can increase by as much as 65 pounds. During growth spurts, the legs, hands and feet increase dramatically in size, which can cause boys to be a bit clumsy. A boy’s face and chin also grow larger during growth spurts, and his nose and neck begin to thicken. The penis and testicles also increase in size. Although changes continue to occur in boys after age 16, the obvious changes that occur during growth spurts tend to slow down by this age.

In some cases, growth spurts can occur before a boy becomes a teenager or during his late teen years. While it is not uncommon for boys to go through puberty during their late teens, Tom Scheve of HowStuffWorks suggests contacting a doctor if a very young boy begins to show signs of puberty.