How Does Technology Affect Society?

Elvert Barnes/CC-BY 2.0

Technology is so entrenched in daily life that many people do not realize how much of their daily life is impacted by technology. It does have its benefits and disadvantages.

The use of technology and society is intertwined. Today’s society has a dependence on technology that cannot be ignored. Perhaps it is taken for granted. For example, technology is used to communicate, travel learn and conduct business. Technology helps many people live in comfort. Without technology, many would face hardships. While technology’s effect on society is beneficial, there can also be negative effects as well.

Technology in the Classroom One of the positives that technology provides is often found in the classroom to assist learning. Traditional classrooms have a chalkboard where a teacher delivers lessons and instructions to students. Technology in the classroom has manifested itself so that teachers can use a whiteboard to teach students. These whiteboards allow teachers to call up presentations for their class. Instead of using chalk as one would do on a chalkboard, a teacher simply needs to wipe away whatever is written with a standard eraser or a damp cloth and then start teaching another subject. Other common examples of technology in the classroom come from the computers the students use to do class work and homework. They can communicate with their teachers away from school by using email, text messaging and video calling.

Technology in the Medical Field Doctors use technology to treat patients. This helps save lives and assist doctors in combating disease. Computers are not just used in the classroom. They assist doctors with managing patient records and providing quality care. When a doctor can quickly call up a patient’s record and then assist them with preventative care or an illness, it greatly streamlines healthcare. It assists the doctors in quickly providing care. Additionally, technical equipment, such as lasers, help doctors conduct surgery, which makes recovery from surgery much easier on patients. It is a highly precise method and recovery time is not as long as other traditional methods.

Cyberbullying Technology provides information very easily on the Web. On the negative side of the scale, certain people use it to conduct cyberbullying. Cyberbullies can use someone’s information and image to defame them online. They can work with others to have them assist in cyberbullying actions. This has several negative consequences for the recipients of this attack. One way to combat cyberbullying is to manage the release of one’s information online. Once this information is released, it is hard to know how others will use it. The best preventative measure is to make sure that there isn’t too much personal information available to those who might do the cyberbullying.

Hacking People with negative intentions use technology to hack people’s computers, which is a crime. These people use technology to steal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, that are stored online. Once they obtain access to someone’s information, they can use it to make purchases unbeknownst to the victim of the hacking. To combat hacking, it is important to use secure computer systems and manage cybersecurity. Products like firewalls and antivirus programs go a long way in combating hacking. Another way to combat hacking is to report it to the proper authorities.