What Are Some Techniques for Practicing Astral Projection?


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Some techniques for practicing astral projection are doing visualization exercises, learning how to induce lucid dreaming and experimenting with dream lucidity, and trying various mental exercises involving altered states of consciousness. It is important to note that, in general, mainstream science has not found any scientific evidence pointing towards the existence of astral projection; however, many scientists and researchers are divided on this issue.

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Astral projection is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience that assumes that there exists an astral body, which is sometimes called the "dream body," that can separate from the physical body and move independently of it.

Bob Peterson, a computer engineer and author of two books detailing out-of-body experiences, believes that experimenting with altered states of consciousness is vital to the astral projection process as well as developing a stronger intuition and "inner voice."

Bob Peterson and other authors who have become authorities on astral projection, such as Robert Monroe, refer to the importance of "vibrations" in becoming separated from the physical body. These vibrations are typically felt as users enter a hypnagogic state. This is the period in time that people begin to see images and hear sounds as they first begin to fall asleep. Peterson and Monroe both claim that individuals can learn how to induce those vibrations as they become more familiar with them.

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