How Do You Teach Intercessory Prayer?


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Teach intercessory prayer by encouraging students to study scriptural intercessions, to speak with God, to carefully plan their prayers, and to both study and partake in religious fasting. Before they begin, remind intercessors that mastering intercessory prayer typically is very slow and very difficult.

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Encourage intercessors to start by studying scriptural intercessions. These include John 17, Daniel 9:1-19,

Exodus 32:7-14 and Genesis 18:22-33. In addition to providing general examples of intercessory prayer, these scriptures provide specific examples of prayers, such as prayers for those the intercessor believes are under demonic influence.

The intercessors should speak with God and ask Him to show them His glory. This act mirrors Paul witnessing the glory of God on the road to Damascus and converting to Christianity. Intercessors should also study both those who are blessed by being saved from sin and those who are not, asking God for the wisdom necessary to offer stronger gospel from what they have learned.

Intercessors should also have plans for prayer. This includes learning all about the heavenly ascension of Jesus Christ and what this means for sinners on Earth. Next, the intercessors should create lists of those they are praying for and begin praying for them. Ideally, the intercessors continuously pray, learn from the experience and pray again, becoming consistently stronger and more knowledgeable.

Finally, encourage intercessors to try fasting. This helps them become closer to God's saints through experience and may also help them receive special spiritual guidance and wisdom.

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