Where Are Free Tarot Readings Available Online?

Free online tarot readings are available on websites such as SalemTarot.com, Free-Tarot-Reading.net and TrustedTarot.com. These websites feature virtual tarot decks and ask users to pick their cards before displaying the readings. SalemTarot.com and Free-Tarot-Reading.net provide tarot reading information immediately, while TrustedTarot.com sends information to an email address that a user provides.

To get a free tarot reading on SalemTarot.com, click on the Free 3 Card Reading link located in the navigation menu, and hover over the deck to initiate a deck shuffling animation. After clicking on the deck, peruse the information regarding your past, future and present represented by three cards and their descriptions.

On Free-Tarot-Reading.net, click on the Get a Free Online Tarot Reading button, shuffle the deck by clicking Shuffle Again, and then click on the deck. Select six cards, click on the Get My Reading button, and read the information regarding your fears, feelings, desires and adversities, among other aspects. After that, rate the quality of the reading, and save it for future use if necessary by signing up on the website.

On TrustedTarot.com, click on the Free Tarot Reading button, type your first name in the appropriate field, select your date of birth, and click Get Your Free Reading. Select 10 cards from the list, type your email address, and click Send Me My Free Tarot Reading to receive the reading via email.