What Does Tarot Gratis Del Amor Refer To?


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Tarot Gratis del Amor, which is in Spanish, means "free love Tarot" in English. "Gratis," which can be used as a Spanish adverb or adjective, means free in English while "Amor" means love in English. The word, "del" refers to "of the" in English.

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An example where "gratis" is used as an adverb is "comimos gratis," which means "we paid nothing for our meal" in English. Its adverb synonym is "gratuitamente" in Spanish. An example where "gratis" is used as an adjective is "la entrada es gratis," which means "there is no payment for entrance" in English. Its adjective synonym is "gratuito" in Spanish. Another meaning for "Amor," in English is beloved. Examples of "Amor" usage in Spanish are "amor ciego," which means blind love in English and "amor divino," which means divine or godlike love in English.

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