How Do You Talk to Spirits?

How Do You Talk to Spirits?

Ghost boxes, spirit boards, tea leaf readings and digital handheld recorders are popular methods mediums use for spirit communication. Whether or not these methods work remains open to interpretation.

A ghost box is an AM/FM radio that is modified to constantly scan a radio band, creating white noise and audio remnants that mediums say spirits and ghosts manipulate into words. Results happen in real time so there is no waiting period.

A Ouija board is a popular example of a spirit board. Two or more people must rest fingers lightly on the planchette of the board before asking questions. Believers say spirits use the energy from the participants to move the planchette. Spirit entities spell out answers by moving the planchette to each letter until completing a word or phrase

Tea leaf reading is an older form of divination, which some people believe to be direct contact with the spirit world. Spirits reportedly help a person see symbols in the tea leaves that he would not see otherwise. The reader attributes meaning to the symbols that are relevant to his question.

The digital handheld recorder is one of the most popular tools among paranormal enthusiasts to aid in spirit communication. With the device recording, the paranormal investigator asks a question aloud. The investigator continues to ask questions, allowing time for a response. After a set period of time the recording is played back with the hope of capturing a spirit's answers.