How Do You Talk to Ghosts?

Automatic writing, channeling, holding a séance, electronic voice phenomena and spirit boards are some of the most popular ways to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Other ways to communicate with ghosts include the use of pendulums and crystal gazing, also called scrying.

Automatic writing, channeling and séances depend on a medium who allows the ghost or spirit to possess her for the purpose of communicating otherworldly information. Usually, a medium has natural psychic talent.

If you own a handheld recorder, start recording and speak aloud to the ghost or spirit. The response, if there is one, is captured on the recorder, and you can hear it upon playback.

Spirit boards are a popular tool for otherworldly communication. This requires at least two people to work properly. Sit facing each other, and place the planchette on the board. Place your fingers lightly on the planchette, and ask a question aloud. The planchette spells out the response by pausing over the letters on your board.

A pendulum is an easy tool to use for simple questions that only require yes or no answers. Before you start asking questions, learn what the motions of the pendulum represent. When the pendulum swings side to side, it indicates a no answer. Swinging top to bottom, or up and down, means yes. If the pendulum swings in a circular motion, it means undecided or don't know.

Crystal gazing requires the medium to implement a form of self-hypnosis. While staring deeply into the crystal, the medium gathers communication from the ghost.