What Are the Taboos in Hinduism?

The biggest taboo in the Hindu religion is against eating beef. The issue of women's menstruation is also considered a taboo by many practicing Hindus.

Non-Hindus believe it is taboo for Hindus to eat cows because they are considered to be sacred in Hindu society, but that is a common misconception. It is taboo for Hindus to eat cows because cows help many families and villages survive, especially in times of hardship. Cows provide resources such as milk for children and their dung is used as an energy source for many households.

Women's menstruation is also considered a taboo in Hindu society, but it is a complicated issue. Menstrual blood is considered impure in the Hindu religion and it is considered taboo for women to engage in activities such as cooking and bathing when they are on their period. Women are also required to leave the main house and are not allowed in holy places like temples or prayer rooms when they are menstruating.

Despite the taboo against menstruation, it is considered a time of celebration when a girl receives her first menstruation. It is only after a young girl's first period that she must begin to follow the taboos established by the Hindu religion.