What Is the Tabernacle of Moses?


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The Tabernacle of Moses was a tent-like structure that was a temporary place of worship for the Israelites, built from the time of Moses according to God's instructions. The Tabernacle has significant symbolism including humility to God's will, God's presence, purity and the separation between God and sinners.

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Erection of the first Tabernacle occurred in the wilderness after the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt. The Israelites traveled with it and erected it at the center of their camps, and they arranged their tents around it according to the 12 tribes. They made it from portable furniture and white linen curtains that covered its sides. People worshipped and offered sacrifices at the tabernacle.

The Tabernacle of Moses is a symbol of humility to the will of God. Building of the structure followed God's specific instructions to Moses about every component and material. God declared the altar of incense and the anointing oil holy and restricted their use for the tabernacle only. Using the oil or incense for other purposes attracted banishment from Israel. The structure also symbolizes God's presence among His people.

The white linen curtains symbolize the purity of God and the requirement of purity among those who live in His presence. The court around the structure signifies separation of sinners from God. The alter shows that the only way to get close to God is through sacrifice.

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