What Are Some Symptoms or Side Effects of Titanium Implants?

Some symptoms of titanium implants can be an autoimmune response or allergic reactions that can include inflammation, blistering and a rash around the implant site. These symptoms are possible in people who have a metal allergy and undergo replacement of knee, hip or other joints, states the Arthritis Foundation. Similarly, autoimmune or systemic reactions can also occur that can cause different symptoms in other body parts away from the implant site.

Some side effects are muscle aches, headaches and fatigue, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Dental implants may also cause an oral allergic reaction, states the National Institute of Health.

In some people, a possible cause of an immune response to a titanium implant may be due to its corrosion, suggests Medscape. People who require joint replacement, may take a test for metal allergies before a surgery if they have sensitivities to certain metals.