What Are the Symptoms of a Perforated Uterus?

Symptoms of a perforated uterus include bloating, rigidity and pain in the lower abdomen, heavy bleeding from the vagina, nausea and vomiting, chills, fever and rapid heartbeat, states Medical Disability Advisor. Women with IUDs may not be able to feel the IUD string. Sometimes there are no symptoms.

Perforation of the uterus occurs accidentally during medical procedures including dilation and curettage, rotating an infant using forceps during delivery, induced abortion, insertion of an IUD, and tubal ligation, explains Medical Disability Advisor. Women with IUDs may experience a perforated uterus if the IUD moves out of position and pierces the uterus.

A perforated uterus usually causes symptoms within the first two or three days of perforation, explains Arianna Sholes-Douglas, M.D. If symptoms do not occur within that time frame, it is likely that the perforation heals on its own.

When symptoms are present, the cause and extent of the perforation dictate the treatment, according to Medical Disability Advisor. Surgery is sometimes necessary to repair the damage, especially if the bowel or other organs are perforated too. If an IUD caused the tear, the doctor must remove the IUD. If symptoms of infection or peritonitis are present, the patient must take broad spectrum antibiotics.