What Are Symptoms of Mouth Cancer?

Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images

A variety of symptoms, such as loose teeth, difficulty swallowing and a sore in the mouth that does not heal, can be signs of mouth cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Any symptoms that last more than two weeks should be checked by a doctor or dentist.

Other symptoms of mouth cancer include a thickening or lump, or a white or reddish patch, on the inside of the mouth, states Mayo Clinic. Issues like loose teeth or poor-fitting dentures can be a sign of mouth cancer. A sore tongue can also be a symptom.

Jaw stiffness or pain, including while chewing, can be a warning sign, notes Mayo Clinic. Throat issues, such as difficult or painful swallowing or a sore throat, can be indicators oral cancer is present. A feeling of having something caught in the throat may also be a sign.

A doctor or dentist usually rules out other issues, such as infection, before testing for mouth cancer, explains Mayo Clinic. Testing for mouth cancer generally involves a physical exam and can also include a biopsy, a procedure in which the doctor takes a sample of tissue from the mouth by scraping or cutting a section of the suspicious area.