What Are the Symptoms of a Midlife Crisis?

symptoms-midlife-crisis Credit: Gregory Olsen/E+/Getty Images

Symptoms of a midlife crisis include feelings of depression, inability to make decisions about the future, anger or blame towards a partner, need for adventure or change, and loss of interest in important aspects of life. When a person is experiencing a midlife crisis, there is a drastic change in behavior. The person appears unhappy, appears depressed or unexpectedly wants a new life.

A midlife crisis generally occurs between the ages of 35 and 55. This is a period of time when a person questions his priorities and desires to adjust his current lifestyle to suit his emotional needs. A person going through a midlife crisis may start to exhibit weight loss or an obsession with physical appearance. The person may desire a more intimate relationship, which causes him to spend more time online.

People suffering from midlife crises may also begin engaging in dangerous activities such as skydiving and motorcycle racing. These individuals have a desire to experience youthfulness and the thrill of adventure. Unusual sleep patterns, lack of interest in enjoyable activities, sadness, confusion about the future and questioning life decisions such as marriage are common. A person experiencing a midlife crisis shows signs of remorse for unaccomplished goals and may satisfy certain impulses with food, drugs or alcohol.