What Are the Symptoms of Low Vitamin D in Women?

Women with a vitamin D deficiency may experience issues such as depression, reduced tolerance to pain, fatigue and increased moodiness, according to Women’s Health magazine. Female athletes have reported muscle weakness and lowered endurance when experiencing vitamin D deficiencies.

Vitamin D deficiency is believed to be a cause of some unexplained muscle and bone pain, although symptoms can be subtle in some people, explains WebMD. The symptoms can gradually increase over time. The deficiency may also lower bone strength and can be a contributing factor to stress fractures. A vitamin D deficiency can lower the body’s aerobic abilities and limit a person’s workout stamina, notes Women’s Health.

Doctors now believe that a vitamin D deficiency may be linked to some chronic illnesses, explains WebMD. Some are now are connecting this deficiency to issues like childhood asthma, premature birth and cancer. Researchers believe that increasing vitamin D levels in the blood can help combat hypertension, glucose intolerance and diabetes. Studies are being done to see if vitamin D can help treat muscular disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Vitamin D is made in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight, notes WebMD. Some food and beverages also contain vitamin D. Factors that can lower vitamin D levels include obesity, aging kidneys and the inability of the digestive tract to absorb the vitamin.