What Are the Symptoms of Hernia in the Groin Area?

Symptoms of an inguinal hernia in the groin area include a bulge that develops in the scrotum or groin area that develops slowly or comes on suddenly following exertion, groin pain and a burning sensation in the affected area, explains WebMD. Severe hernias may also cause nausea and vomiting.

Additional symptoms of an inguinal hernia include a pulling sensation in the groin area and weakness in the groin, explains Mayo Clinic. Individuals may also experience a gurgling sensation in the herniated bulge. In certain cases, groin hernias do not cause any symptoms. It is important for individuals with hernia symptoms to seek immediate medical attention if the herniated bulge causes pain or becomes darker in color.

Inguinal hernias are more common in men, but the condition can develop in anyone, explains Healthline. Inguinal hernias can be caused by congenital defects, excess abdominal fluid, heavy straining and pregnancy. Surgical repair is often recommended for individuals with inguinal hernias if the condition causes severe pain or if the hernia causes the intestines to become twisted. During a hernia surgical procedure, an incision is made in the affected area and the hernia is detached from the surrounding tissues. Next, the herniated bulge is moved back into its normal position in the abdomen. In certain cases, surgical mesh may be affixed to the tissues to prevent recurrence.