What Are the Symptoms of Some Common Psychological Disorders?

Symptoms of common psychological disorders include an inability to concentrate, major changes in moods and behavior, difficulty sleeping and suicidal thinking, according to Mayo Clinic. Symptoms may vary widely depending on the specific disorder, severity or circumstances.

Psychological disorders excessively disrupt a person's feelings, behavior and physical health, explains the Mental Health Association in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Specific examples may include social withdrawal, increased emotional sensitivity, illogical thinking that is reminiscent of a child rather than an adult, and difficulties with memory or problem solving, notes the American Psychiatric Association. One or two symptoms by themselves may not necessarily point to a disorder; however, it is time to get help when the symptoms begin to disrupt a person's ability to function on a daily basis. Suicidal thoughts in particular are extremely dangerous and require immediate medical attention.

Anxiety disorder may manifest as dread or panic that cannot be controlled, while sufferers of psychotic disorders may report hallucinations or hearing disembodied voices. It is rare for such disorders to suddenly appear without warning, reports the APA. Symptoms usually build over time and manifest in younger people, often by age 24.

Early treatment increases the likelihood of the patient improving and living a relatively normal life. For this reason, the APA urges people to see a licensed mental health professional as early as possible. Such professionals can properly assess symptoms, make a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.