What Are the Symptoms of a Collarbone Tumor?

Symptoms of a collarbone tumor include swelling with or without pain, stiffness in the shoulder area and a decreased range of motion, according to Kapoor, Tiwari and Kapoor for International Orthopaedics. Collarbone tumors are rare, but the majority are malignant.

Osteosarcoma refers to primary tumors that develop in a bone, such as the collarbone or clavicle, states the American Cancer Society. Signs of osteosarcoma include pain in the affected area and a palpable lump or swelling. The pain is sometimes intermittent and worse at night. Exercise typically exacerbates the pain. Lumps may not be noticeable or may develop long after the pain starts.

Another cause of bone tumors, including tumors on the clavicle, is metastatic bone disease, notes the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute. Metastatic bone disease is a cancer that spreads from another organ to a bone. Bones are the third most likely site for cancer to spread. The clavicle is not a common site for tumors from metastatic bone disease. The most common symptom of metastatic bone disease is pain in the affected bone. Radiation treatment and pain relievers are common treatment options for metastatic bone disease. Surgery is an option for relieving pain and improving function in some patients, but it is rarely used for clavicle tumors.